Blue Canyon (English)

Blue Canyon Country Club has been rated as one of the most prestigious golf clubs in Asia, with two stunning, award-winning championship courses on its 700+ acres of succulent valley seamlessly winding its way through rubber plantations and tin mines.

The rigorous Canyon Course remains renowned for hosting the Johnnie Walker Classics Tournament twice and offers a challenging and rigorous game while the visually stunning Lakes Course promises magnificent views of the dramatic natural vistas while enjoying a more relaxing round.

Driving ranges, practice putting greens and lessons from professional golfers are available at both courses, with a Pro Shop carrying the top brands of gear and apparel within the club facilities. The common club house offers a full range of world-class amenities including sauna, Jacuzzi, massages, restaurants and 32 fully equipped rooms for those opting for the convenience and luxury of the ‘Stay and Play’ packages.

Canyon course
The legendary Blue Canyon Country Club Canyon Course in Phuket, Thailand – a true gem among Asia’s most prestigious golf courses.
Known for its award-winning design, the Canyon Course has hosted numerous international tournaments, including the Johnnie Walker Classic and the Honda Invitational. This 18-hole championship course, developed from an abandoned tin mine and rubber plantations, offers a lush, visually stunning landscape with freshwater lakes, 14 water hazards, and a mix of narrow tree-lined fairways and doglegs.
Get ready to experience the thrill of playing on a course that has challenged the likes of Tiger Woods!

As you start your journey on the front nine, you’ll navigate through palm-oil tree-lined fairways, testing your skills with tight, strategic shots.
These holes may appear relatively benign, but beware – the lightning-fast greens and narrow fairways demand precision and focus.
Once you’ve conquered the front nine, prepare yourself for the Canyon Course’s truly spectacular back nine.

The back nine, particularly holes 11 through 15, provides a challenging stretch that ranks among the best in Asia.
The 11th hole, a 600-yard par 5, will test your mettle with water hazards on both the first and third shots.
The 13th hole, a daring par 4, requires a confident tee shot across a wide canyon.
Channel your inner Tiger Woods as you aim for the green, much like he did during his 1998 victory.

Next up, the breathtaking 14th hole, a par 3 featuring a 40-foot drop from tee to the island green.
Selecting the right club and accounting for the wind is crucial as there is no room for error.
Then, face the intimidating 17th hole, a par 3 stretching over 200 yards with a canyon running along the right side.
Described by Fred Couples as “one of the best par 3’s in golf,” a well-earned par here will make you feel like a champion.

In conclusion, the Blue Canyon Country Club Canyon Course offers an unforgettable golfing experience for players of all levels.
With its stunning scenery, challenging holes, and rich history, you’ll be captivated by this world-class course from the first tee to the final putt.
So, come and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty and exhilarating challenge of the Blue Canyon Country Club Canyon Course.
Trust us, you won’t want to miss it!

Year Established: 1991
Designed by: Mr. Yoshikazu Kato
Length/Par: 7,179 yds/72
Fairway Grass: Zoysia Materella
Grass on Green: Bermuda Tiffdwarf
Golf Cart: Compulsory

Black tee: 7,179 yards; 74.8/141*
Blue tee: 6,664 yards; 73.0/137*
White tee: 6,330 yards; 71.5/134*
Red tee: 5,943 yards; 75.2/134*

* Course Rating/Slope Rating

Lakes course
The Blue Canyon Country Club Lakes Course, is an impressive 7,129-yard golfing masterpiece that boasts a captivating mixture of water-filled canyons and lush, green landscapes.
Built-in 1999, this challenging yet visually stunning course offers golfers of all skill levels the chance to test their abilities, with five strategically placed tee areas, wide fairways, and generous greens.
Prepare to be captivated by this remarkable golf course as you navigate its challenging bunkers, water hazards, and breathtaking natural scenery.

As you embark on the front nine, you’ll wind through a mesmerizing landscape of lakes and natural canyons, with each hole presenting its unique challenge.
Whether you’re dodging creeks and bunkers on the fairways or admiring the awe-inspiring backdrop of the Phang Nga Mountains and the Andaman Sea, you’ll quickly realize that the Blue Canyon Lakes Course is truly a one-of-a-kind golfing experience.

The back nine presents its own set of challenges, weaving through woodlands filled with rubber trees and more scenic lakes.
One of the largest greens in the region will put your putting skills to the test, while the iconic par 4 18th hole, voted Best Par Four in Asia by Asian Golf Monthly in 2003, offers an unforgettable finish to your round.
This hole challenges you to make strategic decisions and rewards skilled shots, as a single tree separates the fairway options and a canyon guards the green.

Having undergone extensive renovations in 2006, the Blue Canyon Lakes Course now rivals its more famous counterpart, the Canyon Course, in terms of quality and challenge.
In fact, some golfers argue that the Lakes Course, with fewer blind shots and a more honest test of skill, maybe the better of the two Blue Canyon golf courses.
And with golf carts included in your experience, you can enjoy a leisurely round while taking in the magnificent surroundings.

In conclusion, the Blue Canyon Country Club Lakes Course offers an unforgettable golfing experience for players of all levels.
With its distinctive layout, challenging holes, and awe-inspiring natural beauty, this course is sure to leave a lasting impression.
Don’t miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the world-class golfing experience that is the Blue Canyon Lakes Course in Phuket.

Year Established: 1999
Designed by: Mr. Yoshikazu Kato
Length/Par: 7,129 yds/72
Fairway Grass: Zoysia Materella
Grass on Green: Bermuda Tiffdwarf
Golf Cart: Compulsory

Black tee: 7,129 yards; 74.0/128*
Blue tee: 6,504 yards; 70.0/115*
White tee: 6,073 yards; 68.3/114*
Red tee: 5,366 yards; 68.9/119*

* Course Rating/Slope Rating