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Welcome on my website about the World Amateur Golfers Championship 2024!!

On this website you will find everything concerning my participation in the World Amateur Golfers Championship 2024.

The 29th World Amateur Golfers Championship 2024 will be held in Laguna Phuket, Thailand.
The World Final 2024 will be played in Laguna Phuket, Thailand from 26th October – 3rd November on 4 different courses.

Since 1995 amateurs can experience through this annually event what professional golfers experience (the feeling, tension and sensation) every week on the golftour.
The World Amateur Golfers Championship, is an international event where the golf amateur can show his qualities by qualifying for the world final (which is normally held every year in a different continent / country).

A total of 5 golfers per participating country can qualify for a place to compete in a team to become world champions.
They also have the chance to win eternal fame in their own handicap category (0 to 5, 5,1 to 10, 10,1 to 15, 15.1 to 20, 20.1 to 25).
There is also the possibility to participate in the World Golfers Invitational as an individual player or a team of 2 people.

Each golfer and team plays a 72-hole match spread over 4 match days from which an individual world champion will emerge per handicap. From the results of all team members, a team is crowned world champion at the end of all competition days.

The tournament will be played over 72 holes, like most of the professional PGA golf tournaments.
The World Golfers Championship is the biggest amateur golf tournament in the world, where thousands of golfers in more than 40 countries try to qualify for the world final.

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