Who am I (English)

Vincent (54 years)




I have been playing golf for many years now. But before this, only just a couple of times a year, mainly just for pleasure. Although I have always been reasonably talented. But more and more, family and friends started asking me; “Why don’t you get an official handicap, so you can finally participate in some contests and tournaments?”

No sooner said than done, by the end of 2015 I have started to get a registered handicap. And once started I was hit by the golfing virus.
And with a lot of practicing (driving range), a lot of playing (finally being allowed to play in contests and tournaments) and  supporting lessons of 2 Top Pro’s (Brian and Stuart), in less than 3 years my handicap has gone from 54 to 12.

The Result: This year I have been invited to participate, for Suriname, in the World Amateur Golfers Championship from 26th October – 3rd November 2024 in Phuket (Thailand).
I’ll be playing in the 3rd category (handicap 10.5 – 15.4).
This championship will be played just like a professional tournament, 4 match days and 2 practice days. And just like the professionals, we only play ‘stroke play’ (real golf).

So in total 6 golfing days in a row, 6 days competing against players of the same level, from across the world. This is a “once in a lifetime experience”, I am really excited to get the chance to compete on this level in a sport that I love.

The only thing stopping me is the expense, for I have to pay for it all myself (travel, accommodation, team wear, entry fee, and so on).

So my one question to you:
“Do you want see me battle in this world championship?!”

 If so, then please support me by donating through this crowdfunding page! 
Any amount will do.

Many thanks for considering my request!!!

You can pay anonymously on my crowdfunding page.
No creditcard, then you can also transfer to my bank account.

Send me an e-mail: wkagolf@tjinadjie.nl